2022-2023 DVSA Approved CPD Training

The DVSA changed the way MOT Tester training was carried out from 2016. The MOT Tester refresher course was replaced with the MOT annual training and assessment program referred to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The DVSA no longer deliver the training and assessment so the Nominated Tester five year refresher course is obsolete. The process will follow Continuing Professional Development (CPD) models with testers required to complete a minimum period of training and pass an annual "on-line" assessment every year for the vehicle classes they test, in order to maintain their testing status.

They will also need to provide detailed evidence of the completed training or maintain the appropriate training record.

Failure to complete the yearly CPD Training and provide evidence, may result in the suspension of an MOT Testers Status.

2022-2023 MOT Tester CPD is Now Available.

Offered as a Morning or Afternoon course at £79.95*

* prices shown are subject to VAT, includes light refreshments.

How does it work?

In order to maintain your Nominated Tester status for each class you test, all tester have to:

  • Complete and record a minimum of three hours training per year.

  • Complete and record a minimum of 16 hours training over a rolling five year period.

  • Complete an "Online" assessment questionnaire with a minimum pass rate of 80%

The 2022-2023 CPD Includes:

  • Brake Test Procedures.

  1. Brake performance requirements.
  2. Use of Decelerometer.
  3. Brake calculations during contingency testing.
  4. Reasons to refuse the test.
  5. Electrical mechanical parking brake.
  6. Incline test
  7. Dual purpose vehicles

  • Managing Your MTS Account.
  1. How long you should keep CPD records.
  2. Where to find info' on the annual assessment.
  3. What info' the training log should contain.
  4. Implications of not keeping a training log (ref' appendix 8).
  5. Reminder of Declaration.
  6. What to do if you have a criminal record.
  7. What to do regarding change of address, new Email, and/or new contact number.
  8. What information you can give a new employer.
  9. Multiple accounts, what you should/shouldn't do.
  10. Restricted driving license/road test.

  • Test Procedures
  1. Retest Procedures.
  2. Free Retest items.
  3. Retest fees.
  4. What action to take if an additional defect is found during a retest?.
  5. Who can carry out a retest.
  6. What is a working day?.
  7. Decelerometer
  8. What items would not result in a fee if the vehicle was returned for retest the next working day?
  9. Partial retest.
  10. PRS how/when it is applied/rules.
  11. "Modified" vehicle presented for test.
  12. Jacking of vehicles.
  13. Use of headlamp test equipment.
  14. Seat belt checks.
  15. Seat tracking for wheel chairs.
  16. Testing at more than one site. 
  • General Questions and Information contained in the MOT Manual (Testers Manual).

We can provide you with full CPD documentation, advise you when your training is due and maintain training records on your behalf.

1 Years CPD without the fuss or worry.

"Let us ensure that you keep up to date while you concentrate on your business"

Training is delivered by mechanics for mechanics in a friendly, modern and clean environment.


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