The E Pro is a new compact 'fully automatic' Professional Air Conditioning Service Centre available in either R1234YF or R134A variants with an optional assigned and badged EV & Hybrid Model. The new E Pro 'Essentials' Range has been developed to fulfil most automotive air conditioning service applications, applying tomorrows testing technology to suit today's budget...

  • EV & Hybrid Model
  • R1234YF Refrigerant
  • R134A Refrigerant Option
  • Simple Menu Operation
  • Automatic Purging
Solid Metal Casing

E Pro - 1234YF (or 134A) 'Essentials'

Recovery/Recycling, Evacuation, Oil Injection & Refrigerant Recharging are automatically performed in a simple programming pre-set routine or individually, as required.

Fitted with a large 12kg reservoir tank the E Pro range also comprises of a heavy duty compressor for vehicle refrigerant recovery and a high flow vacuum pump for efficient moisture and contamination removal on large A/C vehicle systems.

EV & Hybrid Model

An 'essential' addition to your Electric Vehicle Work Station, the E Pro Service Centre can be assigned and badged for EV & Hybrid Vehicles to ensure that only high dielectric type oil is injected into the A/C System & High Voltage Compressor.


HP, LP Gauges (oil filled pulse free)

Control Panel Keyboard with Bright LED Display

Refrigerant/Connection Port:
R1234YF or R134A  
Recovery Rate:

200-240 g/min

Power Source:230V 50/60 Hz

Vacuum Rate:

90 L/min

Max Operating Temp:5 -40°C

Charge Rate:

1200 g/min

Work Tank Capacity:


Filter Drier Capacity:

68 Kg

Pressure Gauges:

Pulse Free


1190 x 610 x 640 mm

Service Hoses:

2.50 Meters


76 Kg